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From the right size, to the perfect fits, to tips & care. Explore our shirts guide.

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The right size

Perfect look with the right fit. Find your recommended Seidensticker fit easily and uncomplicated with our size advisor.

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The fit of a shirt is an expression of the individual sense of style and personal character. Whether narrow and figure-hugging or wide and comfortable - only when the shirt fits your figure type perfectly does it result in a harmonious overall image. For this reason, Seidensticker offers five different fits for every silhouette and style. From fashionable - narrow to classic-straight to casual.

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The quality of a shirt is not only reflected in the perfect workmanship and the optimal fit, the choice of the right material is also of great importance. At Seidensticker, high-quality cotton ensures a pleasantly natural feel. While light weaves such as twill provide a cooling effect in summer, fabrics such as poplin or oxford provide cozy warmth. One raw material, different looks. Find out which weave is characterized by which properties in the Seidensticker glossary.

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With our monogram service you can give your Seidensticker shirts a personal touch. Find out here which possibilities there are to individualize and precious refine your wardrobe.

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In order to offer the right shirt for every style and occasion, Seidensticker shirts are available in all common collar shapes: from the universal Kent collar to the sporty button-down collar and the festive flapped collar.

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Cuffs are sleeve ends of simple elegance, which ennoble every outfit and testify to modern style consciousness. At the same time, they are so much more than just decorative accessories. Combined with noble cufflinks, they stand for a classically elegant look that radiates seriousness and an understanding of tradition. Shirt and cuff - an inseparable combination that has already endured for decades.

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Tips & Care

How do I fold a shirt to transport it from A to B in a suitcase with as few wrinkles as possible? What do I have to pay attention to when I wear a pocket square? You can find the answers to these questions in the Seidensticker Service Guide.

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