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Hemden Guide I SE


Seidensticker shirts are available in all collar styles offering the perfect shirt for every style and occasion: ranging from the universal Kent collar, the sportive button-down collar or even the festive wing collar.

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Collar | Shirt Guide | Seidensticker


The tailoring of a shirt is actually the expression of an individual sense of style and of the personal character of the wearer. Whether slim and tailored or wide and comfortable – only when the shirt has been optimal tailored for the type of body can a harmonious picture be presented. For this reason Seidensticker offers optimal fits for every silhouette and every style: from a fashionable slim fit, a classic straight cut to casual tailoring.

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Fittings | Shirt Guide | Seidensticker

Monogram Service

With our monogram service you can give your Seidensticker shirts a personal touch. Find out here which possibilities there are to individualize your wardrobe and to refine it preciously.

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Monogram Service | Seidensticker


Cuffs are sleeve finishes of pure elegance, enriching every outfit and proving true style- consciousness. At the same time they are much more than just a decorative accessory. Combined with high class cufflinks, they stand for a classic elegant look, representing seriousness along with an awareness of tradition. Shirt and cuff are an inseparable combination, which has lasted for decades.

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Cuffs | Shirt Guide | Seidensticker


The quality of a shirt is shown not only by a perfect tailoring or optimal fitting but also by the choice of the right material is of major importance. At Seidensticker high-class cotton provides a comfortable and natural wearing comfort. With one raw material, different looks are achieved. Find out in our Seidensticker glossary which texture is characterised by which specifications.

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 Textures | Shirt Guide | Seidensticker

Tips & Care

How do I fold a shirt in order to transport it in a suitcase with as little wrinkles as possible from A to B? What do I have to pay attention to, when I wear a pocket square? Answers to these questions and more can be found in our Seidensticker Service Guide.

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Tips & Care | Shirt Guide | Seidensticker