Spring/Summer 2024

A keen sense for special moments, an appreciation of quality and the need for personal freedom are expressed in all facets of the collection. It provides the framework for meeting current challenges with attitude and translating the broad spectrum of masculine looks into an individual style.

Modernity and masculine appeal are presented in a multifaceted and emotional way. The practicality of graphic designs and classic colour nuances is contrasted with a new diversity. This is expressed in decorative, richly designed prints and vibrant colour harmonies. The perfection of fit, workmanship and details characterises modern classics and smart casual styles. They translate manufacturing expertise to the needs and demands of the present day

As a company that values tradition as much as future-orientation, Seidensticker consciously picks up on current trends and incorporates them into the design of new styles. The result is a consistently forward-thinking, coherent collection that combines aesthetics with comfort. It is aimed at discerning men for whom terms such as correct or relaxed, smart or casual are not a contradiction in terms, but a contemporary definition of style

Smart Classics

Timeless style, high quality and subtle details characterise the range. The focus is on the juxtaposition of plain colours, fine checks and stripes. They are accompanied by classic millefleurs developed in cooperation with Liberty's.

Quality and masculine appeal are also expressed through the range of materials. Fine-threaded qualities are juxtaposed with densely woven fabrics, three-dimensional structures and weave changes. Clean cottons with a soft feel meet subtle opulence.

Smart Linen

The focus is on a tastefully curated linen range. All styles are soft-washed and strike the perfect balance between summery, relaxed and smart. The designs feature a fresh palette of classic stripes, tonal or multi-coloured checks and prints with floral or geometric motifs. In addition, brightly coloured plain colours and decorative paisley all-over prints make summery statements.

Smart Performance

Functional features such as stretch, antimicrobial finishes and soft touch respond to the increasing demand for dressed comfort and epitomise a modern, active lifestyle. The product portfolio features a wide range of colours, which are presented in various plain colours, classic designs, colourful prints and printed textures.

Smart Essentials

Timeless qualities such as poplin, fil-à-fil and twill are firmly anchored in the overall look of the collection. They are characterised by the juxtaposition of plain colours, subtle textures, various print themes and contrasting features. Classic colour nuances and neutrals meet bold colours and striking harmonies. Fine stripes, geo-metrics and graphic minimals contrast with multi-coloured checks and opulent paisleys.

Smart Casual

The discreetly washed shirts have a soft finish and are made from dense twill, neat denim and linen fabrics. In addition to plain colours, the focus is on bicolour checks, striking stripes and authentic prints. Overshirts, chinos and shorts emphasise the look-oriented concept of the collection.

Fine Pima cottons, crisp cotton yarns and summery cotton/linen blends provide the basis for the knitwear programme. The model structure demonstrates tasteful casualness and is made up of round-neck jumpers, troyers and summery casual jackets. A pique polo in the colours of the collection completes the overall look. The colour scheme is defined by dark navy, fresh shades of blue, off-white and botanical green.