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“Responsibility extends to that point, where an effect can be achieved.”

As a family business, we have set our objective in reconciling social, ecological and economical responsibility.

On the basis of our policy statement, we have clearly strengthened our corporate responsibility commitment during the last few years and established a holistic sustainability strategy, with seven elements of transparent objectives, defined along our value chain, along with an on product labelling “together responsible” for the first time.

A giant step – but for us it is only the beginning.

7 Elements

  1. Raw materials
  2. Environment
  3. Social Responsibility
  4. Transparency & Traceability
  5. Stakeholder Engagement
  6. Circularity
  7. Product-Labeling „together responsible“
7 Elements | Seidensticker

Raw materials

A major part of our products consist of cotton – at times up to 100 percent. For this reason, cotton production has a very special significance for us.

The cultivation of conventional cotton often goes hand-in-hand with enormous water consumption as well as the use of genetic engineering and herbicides.

We take on responsibility: In future we will increase the share of sustainably produced raw materials and recycled materials successively.

Our goal is to offer our complete collection, with 100 percent sustainable or organic cotton, up to 2023. The share of recycled material should be 30 percent by then.

Raw materials | Seidensticker


We bear responsibility for our planet and for future generations. In addition to the already described reduction of water quantities and environmentally harmful chemicals, we focus in particular on an environmentally-friendly design of our packaging materials and the choice of our shipping options.

Concrete objectives here are climate-neutral shipping from the production in Asia and to our customers worldwide, the use of environmentally-friendly carton packaging from recycling material and the avoidance of plastic in our packaging.

Environment | Seidensticker
Sewing | Seidensticker

Social Responsibility

We are a family business and have lived social responsibly for over 100 years now. For this reason Seidensticker products are produced exclusively in factories which are independently audited and/or certified.

Transparency & Traceability

We would like to create complete transparency in our supply chain and up to the year 2023 to know all stakeholders involved in the production of our products and to follow up the social and ecological progress with our own supply chain tracking tool.

This includes producers at all stages of the value chain – from the raw material cultivation on to the transportation.

Transparency & Traceability | Seidensticker

Stakeholder Engagement

We are firmly convinced that positive changes in the fashion industry are only possible when we work together with other companies in order to achieve an open exchange with all interest groups. For this reason we have joined various initiatives such as the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and trust the expertise of independent organizations.


With large amounts of textile waste, the clothing industry causes a significant environmental burden annually.

For us the product life cycle does not end at the consumption i.e. the wearing of goods. To avoid that discarded clothing ends up in the trash and is destroyed, we support upcycling projects, which enable products to have a “second life”, we donate well-preserved products to organizations and initiatives and take part in research projects on the recyclability of textiles.

Cycle | Seidensticker

Product Labeling
„together responsible“

Each season we are increasing the proportion of sustainable products in our collections.

In the future, products that are manufactured in a fair and environmentally friendly manner will have “together responsible” labels.

With the beginning of the spring/summer 2021 season, the first "together responsible" products will be available – including the majority of the NOS range and selected items from the seasonal collection.

Every “together responsible” product fulfills at least one criterion of our holistic, fully transparent sustainability strategy that covers every stage of the value chain – from raw material cultivation to transport. Seidensticker is therefore assuming social, ecological and economic responsibility.

Together Responsible | Seidensticker
Certificates | Seidensticker

Sustainable blouses

Sustainable shirts for men

Seidensticker will be sent plastic-free from 2021

We have now stopped using plastic in our shipping processes, saving well over 30 tons of plastic waste. In our commitment to increasing sustainability, we have decided not to use plastic packaging. Instead, we will rely on environmentally friendly packaging alternatives that significantly reduce plastic consumption.

Our latest improvements include:

  • No plastic element on the top button of the collar
  • Cardboard strips in the inner collar instead of plastic strips
  • No plastic packaging
Seidensticker will be sent plastic-free from 2021 | Seidensticker

Gerd Oliver & Frank Seidensticker

(from left)
Managing Partners of the Seidensticker Group

„Fair working conditions and the lowest possible environmental impact are essential aspects of our corporate policy.“

Gerd Oliver & Frank Seidensticker | Seidensticker
Continuously and consistently | Seidensticker