The suitable collar styles

Kent, shark or button-down? As far as the “collar of a shirt” is concerned, there is much more to this than just the right collar size. It is a question of individual style, personal preference and the right collar for the corresponding occasion. In fact the collar style has an impact on the complete look and can be of essential importance for a smart business look.

The suitable collar styles | Seidensticker

Kent collar

A collar style for almost every occasion: the classic Kent collar. It can be worn with or without a tie and every type of tie knot is allowed. Also when combined with a bow tie, it looks great and conforms harmoniously to every formal business or elegant evening outfit. A real all-rounder, which should find its place in every well-assorted wardrobe and of course as an essential element, the white shirt is among the classics par excellence.

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Kent collar | Seidensticker

Button Down Collar

The button-down collar is the most casual of collar styles and perfect for those who like to avoid wearing ties. The highlight: small buttons close the collar ends onto the shirt, making sure that nothing slips. As an alternative: the concealed button-down style. In this case the buttons are closed under the collar and are not visible. For those looking for a smart look for business or leisurewear, the button-down collar is the perfect solution. Whether combined with a pullover, jacket or cardigan, the button-down shirt is versatile, easily combined and always has a fashionable look.

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Stand up collar

The stand-up collar – also called Mandarin or Mao collar – is a collar without a collar shank. In the past separate collars could be buttoned onto this type of collar. These days this stand-up collar is worn closed in a uniform style or opened smartly, to match jeans and sneakers. However neither a bow tie nor a tie should be worn with a shirt with a stand-up collar.

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Wing collar

The wing collar is pure elegance and is worn for very special and formal occasions. „Black tie“ is its keyword, because it is worn exclusively with a bow tie and can be wonderfully combined with festive dinner jackets. Also when combined with suits or tails, it provides a stylish, elegant appearance, placing every bow tie in a perfect light.

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