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The Seidensticker Brand | Seidensticker Online Shop

Perfection meets passion – since 1919

The Seidensticker Brand. Seidensticker is the most famous shirt brand in Germany and belongs to the leading manufacturers of high-class shirts and blouses in Europe. Since the foundation of the Seidensticker Group in 1919, Seidensticker shirts and blouses stand for a combination of tradition and innovation. Products - created with great passion - seize the spirit of time without submitting to fast moving trends. Seidensticker represents style consciousness, a sense of fashion and attitude. The brand is positioned in the formal and semi-formal segment with business and festive looks as well as sophisticated options for every occasion.

Brand Label Black Rose. The Black Rose is the icon of the Seidensticker brand. Serving as a subtle brand recognition, stitched on the sleeve slit or near the waist of the shirt and on the blouse labelling, this icon underlines the sophisticated brand attitude.

Brand Label Black Rose | Seidensticker Onlineshop

Perfect Fits. Seidensticker represents absolute competence in fits. The cut has been perfected and is the result of a craftsmanship which has been continuously developed over decades. With fittings such as X-Slim, Slim, Shaped, Regular and Comfort, Seidensticker offers five precise cut variations and a fit finder as well.

Collars and Cuffs. Casual, sportive, business-like or evening elegance – the collar determines the style of the shirt. Seidensticker shirts are available in a multitude of collar styles and in a wide spectrum of collar sizes: Ranging from Kent, Button Down, Shark or stand-up collar and going on to a festive wing collar.

Sleve Lengths. Next to the collar and cuff, the sleeves also play their part in the perfect fit of the shirts and the length makes a fine difference. Seidensticker offers extra-long and also extra-short sleeves. In summer short sleeve shirts are a relaxed alternative and when casually combined with a white t-shirt, are increasing in popularity.

Seidensticker Ladies Blouses. Our lifestyle is going through profound changes at present, changes that allow the boundaries between free time and business become more and more indistinct. In the fashion sector as well, conservative regulations are disappearing allowing scope for the development of new looks and combinations. The blouse is becoming more strongly in focus and due to its variety and ability to transform, is an indispensable key item for a fashionable styling which perfectly matches every occasion.