The Right Cuff

Cuffs are sleeve finishes of pure elegance, which enrich every outfit and prove true style-consciousness. But these are much more than just a decorative affect. Combined with high-class cufflinks, they stand for a classic elegant look, representing seriousness along with an awareness of tradition. They are classified as a stylish counterpart to the collar and complete the look of a shirt harmoniously. At the same time they prevent the sleeves of jackets from being damaged, so they also have a practical function. The most current styles are the single and the double cuff. Both types are available in the different fittings.

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The double cuff

The double cuff is the most classic and elegant type of cuff. Its tradition actually dates back to the renaissance. The sleeve finish is characterized by a twofold fabric, which can be folded back at the wrist and closed with cufflinks - a special detail setting stylish accents. For elegant evening events with a “black tie” dress code, the double cuff is an absolute must. The Seidensticker shirts with double cuffs are available in the fittings X-Slim, Slim, Shaped and Regular.

Shirts With Double Cuff
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The single cuff

The single cuff is the most popular type of cuff and is a real classical cuff - a real all-rounder – it matches the smart business look as well as the formal business look perfectly. Our motto is: Anything goes - if you like it. This also refers to the cuff edge, which can be straight, square-cut or rounded. Seidensticker shirts are characterized by their square-cut cuffs and are available in every shirt style.

Fitting tip: The cuff length is perfect when the cuff reaches the end of the wrist and can be seen 1.0 to 1.5 cm under the jacket sleeve.

Shirts with single cuff
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