Glossary of shirt fabrics

The quality of a shirt is demonstrated not only by its perfect tailoring and its optimal fit, but also the choice of the right fabric is of major importance. At Seidensticker top-quality cotton provides a natural wearing comfort. From plain smooth surfaces to exciting structured fabrics, according to the type of weave and treatment, cotton can show different facets and influence the design of a shirt decisively.


Popeline is a very versatile fabric and is seen as particularly robust due to its high density. According to its finish it is also insensitive to stains and easy to wash – which means it is perfect for easy-care business shirts.

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Chambray is a fine, lightweight fabric in a sturdy plain type of weave. Thanks to the particular weaving technique is has a discreet bi-colour effect and impresses with a noble look, along with a pleasant soft touch - the perfect basis for a business shirt.

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Fil á Fil

Fil á Fil is a very popular type of woven fabric, ideal for shirts, which by means of its tight plain weave is very durable. Along with this the "colour woven” fabric, as it also called, shows a slightly sprinkled effect, allowing for exciting accents.

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Soft but also robust at the same time - this is how the classical oxford fabric can be seen, as it convinces with its strongly structured look. Its special colour is achieved with a mix of coloured and white threads.

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Denim is a very robust cotton fabric, which is not only used for jeans but also for shirts and jackets. During this warp twill weave process, the warp threads are coloured with indigo, whereas the weft threads are left white, producing the typical blue coloured tone of denim, which can be combined in various ways. Uncomplicated denim shirts are seen as absolute classic pieces, when talking of smart business outfits.

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Twill is a fabric with a twill weave, showing a diagonal structure. White shirts, made of twill fabric, are mostly more opaque or less transparent than popeline shirts and are ideal when wearing a shirt without a jacket or other clothing.

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Flannel fabrics are loose-light and convince with a pleasant soft touch. At the same time, they are very durable. Flannel fabrics are available in different designs - from fine to coarse - so that the fabric is suitable for smart business looks as well as for formal outfits.

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