Spring/Summer 2024

Sensitivity for special moments and a longing for personal expression can be felt in all facets of the collection. It meets the current challenges with attitude and self-confident femininity. The structure of the collection creates the framework for translating the entire spectrum of feminine looks into an individual style.

Stylistic diversity and individuality are expressed in the interplay of slim silhouettes, modern classicism, playful attributes or overlapping shapes. Modernity can be seen in straightforward minimalism as well as in emotion and opulence. The message of the collection is expressed through a wide range of qualities, expressive prints and powerful colour themes. Floral motifs, multi-coloured prints and imaginative abstractions are on an equal footing with reduced aesthetics. The play with exciting juxtapositions becomes an expression of individuality and the joy of stylistic diversity.

As a company that values tradition as much as future-orientation, Seidensticker consciously picks up on current trends and incorporates them into the design of new styles. The result is a consistently forward-looking, coherent collection that is perfectly tailored to the needs of modern women. It stands for feminine styling that works in any context.

The Contemporary Basics

The focus is on styles that are organically integrated into the collection structure and demonstrate a high level of expertise and quality. The range of styles spans the spectrum from close-fitting silhouettes to cropped shapes and from modern classics to subtly playful variations. There is a wide range of qualities, designs and colours. Modern poplins and twills form the basis for plain colours and fresh stripes. Crisp cottons meet fine silk qualities and modern, softly draping fluids.

The Statement Prints

Powerful printed images translated into striking colours give the collection its individual signature. The motifs incorporate different graphic themes and play with contrasting juxtapositions of austere and playful, micro and macro, polychrome and reduced colours. The prints range from striking or subtly drawn floral motifs to geometrics with oriental-inspired ornamentation. There are also different, sometimes multi-coloured stripes, highly abstract animal prints, softly drawn chain prints and graphic minimals. Tightly woven cottons meet the flowing drape of viscose, the subtle lustre of satin or the grainy feel of linen and crepe fabrics.

The Connecting Neutrals

Modern, uncomplicated styles mediate between the different facets of the collection and depict the entire range of relevant silhouettes. Blouses cover the spectrum from narrow to wide and from playful to minimalist. The focus is on cropped styles, tunics and dresses derived from them. The portfolio is complemented by safari-inspired items. Dense cottons and stretch fabrics are juxtaposed with styles in flowing viscose. Geometric or tonal embroideries strike a balance between minimalist and playful. The colour range is made up of neutral nuances that are accentuated with brights in the rhythm of the delivery dates.

The Linens

The focus here is on uncomplicated, monochrome styles: minimalist blouses and dresses in fine, shiny cotton stretch as well as playful styles in flowing viscose crepes and viscose satin. The colours? A range of light and dark shades, accentuated with bright brights.