Ironing blouses

A well-ironed blouse is the best prerequisite for a smart look. Proper ironing also determines how long blouses retain their fit, sit comfortably and can be worn. The majority of our blouses are either easy-iron or non-iron and therefore easy to care for. Follow these tips for ironing:

Preferably iron on an ironing board with a steam iron, which can quickly iron out small wrinkles.

Generally avoid too high temperatures and pay attention to the individual ironing instructions in the care instructions.

Cotton, cotton blend or linen blouses tolerate more heat than silk or synthetic fibre blouses.

Silk blouses are easier to iron when they are still damp. For ironing, also use either a damp cloth or a piece of tissue paper.

Iron linen while still damp and inside out at low heat to avoid shiny spots.

Iron in the correct order – starting with the smallest areas (collar, cuffs) to the large ones (front and back) at the end.

First iron the collar starting from both points to the centre. Then the unbuttoned cuffs, then the sleeves from both sides – if necessary on a sleeve board. Then move onto the shoulder area, the front with the button placket and the back of the blouse.

Blouses labelled as “non-iron” return to their original shape of their own accord after washing and do not need to be ironed. It is enough to dry the blouses on a hanger while they are still damp and smooth them out briefly.