Folding a shirt correctly

Seidensticker shirts are easy-care, crease-resistant and thus ideal for all your day-to-day business activities. To ensure that your shirt is ready to go when you are, you should store it on a hanger after washing. When out and about or travelling, simply fold it up and put it in your suitcase. To make sure that your shirt gets to where it needs to go without any creases, there are a few tips and tricks you should take note of when folding it. Step by step, the following guide will show you how to fold your shirt correctly.

Step 1

Place the shirt in position and smooth it flat

Button the shirt completely and lay it on a hard, flat surface (e.g. a table) with the front facing down. Following this, carefully smooth the shirt flat again and fold the right-hand sleeve to the left so that it crosses the back of the shirt.

Step 2

Fold the right-hand sleeve upwards

Taking the approximate middle of the right-hand sleeve as a starting point, fold the sleeve upwards so that the cuff sits centrally above the collar of the shirt.

Step 3

Fold the cuff downwards

Now fold the cuff downwards so that it finishes on a level with the diagonal lower edge of the right-hand sleeve.

Step 4

Fold the left-hand sleeve

Do exactly the same thing with the left-hand sleeve, finishing with the left cuff on top of the right cuff.

Step 5

Fold the right-hand side to the left

Fold the right-hand side of the shirt to the left. Helpful tip: if you look at the top of the shirt, the fold should be level with the right-hand edge of the collar.

Step 6

Fold the left-hand side to the right

Fold the left-hand side of the shirt to the right so that the left-hand side of the shirt rests on top of the right-hand side.

Step 7

Fold the lower half upwards

Fold the lower half of the shirt upwards so that the lower edge sits in the middle of the shirt.

Step 8

Fold the bottom half of the shirt up to meet the top half

Fold the bottom half of the shirt up to meet the top half in such a way that the edge of the shirt touches the lower edge of the collar.

Step 9

Turn over and you're done

Now all you have to do is turn the shirt over carefully and place it in your suitcase or wardrobe. Finished!