The right blouse shape

Business, shirt or tunic blouse – whichever type of blouse you choose: the right fit is what counts. It determines whether the piece of clothing fits correctly, accentuates the figure flatteringly and is comfortable to wear. From narrow and figure-hugging to wide and comfortable, every blouse should fit the type of figure. Regardless of your personal proportions and clothing sizes, Seidensticker offers various fits that accentuate figures differently.

Slim Fit

Slim fit blouses are usually tight and figure-hugging, which makes them look very feminine. They have darts from the bust to the waist and at the back for a tailored fit. Slim fit blouses with stretch content are very figure-hugging, and extremely comfortable to wear. Classic colours, a perfect fit and a figure that makes you feel good all around: slim fit blouses are essential for the everyday business look with a trouser suit, skirt or blazer.

Slim Fit Blouses
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Regular Fit

Regular fit blouses are absolute must-haves in any modern wardrobe. This is because they combine a fitted cut with fashionable, up-to-date style and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Typically the casually accentuated shape has a slightly wider cut waist and hips, which is comfortable and not constricting and flatters every figure. Whether worn with a smart skirt or casual trousers, regular fit blouses are always a good choice and style for every day.

Regular Fit Blouses
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Oversized Fit

The casual one - the oversized blouse removes boundaries between masculine and feminine. It looks more casual and radiates some kind of coolness due to its extra wide cut. It has a relaxed fit and is therefore very comfortable. The sleeves are worn extra long, rolled up or fashionably pushed up. Pushed up means, that the sleeves are forming pleats. Wear them with skinny jeans or with wide trousers and flared skirts in order to create a complete oversized look. With oversized blouses you are definitely enjoying great popularity this season.

Oversized Fit Blouses
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