The suitable shirt cut

The tailoring of a shirt is actually the expression of an individual sense of style and of the personal character of the wearer. Whether slim and tailored or wide and comfortable – only when the shirt has been optimal fitted to the type of body, can a harmonious picture be presented.


Slim-Fitting and particularly body-hugging

The X-SLIM shirt is an extra slim cut at the waistline and has two additional back darts which provide a very slim-fitting cut. This turns the X-SLIM shirt into a perfect companion for slim-cut suits. Combined with jeans, it indicates an understanding of fashion setting athletic figures optimally in scene. At the same time the character of the shirt is so timeless, that it matches perfectly to a classic wardrobe.

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Slim and body-hugging

This SLIM shirt is not quite as slim as the X-SLIM, but still very body-hugging. With its discreet waist measurement, it represents the spirit of the time and matches every business outfit perfectly. Special feature: The SLIM shirt is also available with extra-long sleeves, also enabling tall shirt wearer to have the opportunity to put emphasis on their body without missing out on the perfect fit.

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Tailored and body-hugging

A narrow waist with large shoulders? In this case the SHAPED shirt is the perfect choice. Thanks to the back darts, this cut accentuates the waistline but offers enough room around the shoulder area for ease of movement. At the same time the slim silhouette provides the shirt with a fashionable statement. This is also available with extra-long sleeves.

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Straight and classic

The tailoring REGULAR stands for modern awareness of the tradition of the Seidensticker brand and combines pure elegance with fashion consciousness. The classic straight cut flatters every silhouette with or without a jacket. An iconic product, which should not to be missed in any wardrobe. This is also available with extra-long sleeves.

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Comfortable and laid-back

The tailoring COMFORT is the comfortable casual style among the Seidensticker shirts. The wider cut guarantees not only optimal wearing comfort but also maximum ease of movement. Due to its laid-back style it matches the uncomplicated leisurewear look perfectly. Mixed with smart business outfits, this shirt makes it possible to place an exciting and fashionable emphasis on your outfit.

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