Folding a pocket square correctly

In a manner similar to tie knots, the way in which you fold a pocket square is also an important style element which can influence your outfit. At the same time, the folding technique should not only correspond to the occasion, it should also reflect your individual character. There are five main folding techniques which have stood the test of time:

Flat Pocket Square

The square fold

Simple and elegant. The square fold – also called the presidential fold – is the classic fold for pocket squares. The best part about it? It’s also the simplest fold. These advantages make the flat pocket square particularly well-suited to business applications. Do you need to give your suit a quick update in the looks department before an important meeting with a customer? The square fold does the job in no time. This classic folding technique is particularly well-suited to monochrome pochettes, preferably in white.

Flat Pocket Square | Seidensticker

One corner up

The triangular fold

Slightly more elegant than the square fold – and almost just as easy to fold. The triangular fold is the fold of choice for formal and festive events. At the same time, it is also subtle enough for a classic business outfit. Going straight from the office to the opera or an upmarket restaurant? If, in these cases, you fall back on the one corner up fold, you only have to fold once. The triangular fold can be adapted to fit any width of breast pocket and works best on fine, smooth silk handkerchiefs.

One corner up | Seidensticker

Two corner up

The double triangular fold

Double the hold. Double the impact. Try the double triangular fold and see for yourself. The two corner up fold allows the pochette to keep its shape in your breast pocket for much longer than more simple folds. This folding technique gives off a sporty yet elegant impression and is a fantastic addition to casual outfits. The two corner up fold really hits the mark, even in the combination of sports jacket, jeans and pocket square.

Two corner up | Seidensticker

Three corner up

The crown fold

The most elegant way to fold a pochette. The three corner up fold creates a pocket square in the shape of a three-pointed crown – the perfect fold for formal and festive events. However, a standard “fold it and go” approach simply will not do for the crown fold. This particularly elegant and exclusive technique requires a bit of practice. However, it’s more than worth the effort. The three corner up adds a regal finishing touch to your elegant evening attire.

Three corner up | Seidensticker

Casual Fold

The puff fold

The most easy-going way to wear a pocket square. The aim of the puff fold is to make the pochette look almost as if it was placed in the breast pocket at random. However, take a look behind the scenes of this casual look and you will find a relatively complicated folding process which works particularly well on thin, silk handkerchiefs. Picture the casual elegance of classic Hollywood stars from the 50s and 60s and you will have some idea of the effect that can be created by a pochette with a masterfully executed puff fold. Patterned pocket squares in particular profit from this elaborate folding technique.

Casual Fold | Seidensticker