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Lookbook Womenswear Autumn / Winter 21

The times are changing. Globally as well as locally, a new mood pervades our personal and professional lives. The desire for greater quality of life has placed themes like emotional warmth, solidarity and social responsibility at centre stage. As we live and work ever more in the digital world, we are increasingly looking to our personal environment in our search for balance. The cosy, the natural, the genuine – these are some of the qualities that express a new attitude that is becoming palpable across all aspects of lifestyle.

As a company that prizes tradition even as it works to shape the future, Seidensticker is keenly aware of the currents of the zeitgeist and actively draws on them in developing new concepts. The result: perfectly coordinated fashion-forward collections made to the highest standards. Each is tailored to optimally meet the needs of the woman of today, offering modern, confident and comfortable styles that work ideally in any setting.

The Contemporary Basics

Our basic range of blouses has an unfussy contemporary feel. All of the styles fit seamlessly into the collection, impressively underscoring the expertise and commitment to quality that have gone into it. The palette of models ranges from fitted, boxy silhouettes to relaxed shirt dresses, and from simple classic styles to subtly playful forms. A multilayered approach is likewise taken to fabrics, patterns and colours. The range sets durable organic cottons side by side with flowing crêpes, classic stripes with minimalistic prints, and muted hues with vibrant plain dye fabrics that create striking accents against the base shades.

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The Contemporary Basics | Seidensticker

The Statements

Bold prints and intensified colours are integral components of the entire collection. The spectrum of prints and patterns ranges from small-scale, subtly repeating motifs to bolder large-scale ones. The seasonal focus lies on the exciting interplay between larger-dimensioned floral prints, millefleurs patterns, microprints and abstract animal prints. The motifs are borne by a range of materials for varied looks, including structured crêpe, stretch poplin, viscose satin and flowing Tencel fabrics.

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The Statements | Seidensticker

The Winter Checks

A modern twist on classic checks provides an important addition to the statement made by the collection, lending it extra verve. Large-dimensioned graphic plaids are a signature feature of the new season. The corresponding styles, fabrics and products range from lightweight to more robust models, from cotton flannels to tighter wool weaves, and from classic shirt blouses to modern overshirts.

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The Winter Checks | Seidensticker

The Opticals

The prints shown here are particularly striking for their vibrant colours and strong graphic quality. The styles are created in the accent colours of the collection, enhancing the excitement of the print motifs and heightening the visual impression of the blouses and dresses.

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The Opticals | Seidensticker

The Connecting Neutrals

A modern simplicity unites all of the facets of the collection, which comprises blouses and dresses designed in a contemporary style. Flannels, technical cottons and denim are used alongside flowing crêpe fabrics of various weights. The neutral colour palette serves as a calm framework for the accents and highlights of the various deliveries.

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The Connecting Neutrals | Seidensticker

The Jerseys

Such attributes as cosy and smart are no longer mutually exclusive, but are now joined to bring a whole new dimension to the concept of elegance. Modern jersey styles perfectly embodying the zeitgeist are combined here to create an aesthetic of their own. The focus here is on high-quality cotton jerseys which are produced in a variety of weights and serve as the basis for a range of printed and monochromatic blouses and dresses.

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The Jerseys | Seidensticker

The Essentials

A combination of tried-and-tested styles, prints and fabrics, these firm fashion favourites form a core element of the collection.

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The Essentials | Seidensticker